“...This is the best thing since sliced bread, the easiest installation our town has ever done. We were very impressed with the ability to adjust this on site. We intend to use this product on every unit we install in the future...”
Mr. Bohannon

In the last ten years, Wastewater Access Chambers (WAC) and Clean-out/Sampling Chambers (CSC) have replaced more than 60% of traditional manholes installed in Europe. By including technological advances in both function and materials, polymer solutions provide a long lasting, cost-effective alternative to concrete.

The WAC/CSC system is designed to provide access into sewer or strom drain systems for inspection, cleaning and sampling. WAC/CSC is a non-man entry chamber system and all maintenance ectivity is conducted from the ground level. Common uses include:

  • TV inspection access
  • Line clean-out access
  • Cul-de-sac access
  • Interim access locations in long pipe sections
  • Effluent sampling stations
  • Monitoring access